Countryside Church Service

     The Countryside School students presented the church service on February 23.  Each student did a PowerPoint presentation on how "Love Can Turn the World" and "Give it Away!"  Each student chose a Bible verse relating to this theme and read their verse, then explained why they chose that particular verse.

     The choir sang five songs, which included "Love Can Turn The World," Your Everlasting Love, If You're Happy, and Give It Away!"
Alyssa Simpson had the Church Family Business.  Alina Nesteruk sang a solo for the offeratory.  At the close of the song, "Give It Away," the students gave each person in the audience a rose to show how to give it away.  Kalista Gentry read the scripture, Andrew Melnik had opening prayer, Brieanna Gentry and Victoria Gibss led song service, Kortnie heihn had the 'Testimonies and Praise" time, Kenny Applewhaite had the children's story.

     They will be presenting another church program on April 26, 2008.

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