School tuition is based upon a 9-month payment plan during the schoo year.  The first billing is September 1 of each school year, and the last is May 1 of each year.  The entrance fee is in addition to the tuition and is due on or before registration day.

ENTRANCE FEE: $295.00 Per Child (to be paid at registration)

1st Child                $310.00
(for each of the 9-month billings)        *$289.10 x 9  =  $2790.00 (2% discount if paid in full)  
2 children              $545,75                                                                               *$534.84 x 9 =  $4813.56
3 children              $767.00                                                                                 *$750.19 x 9 =  $6751.71
4 children              $958.75                                                                                 *$936.04 x 9 =  S8424.36

*A 2% discount will be given if the entire tuition is paid by registration day (Entrance fee is in addition to this.)

Tuition payment is due by the 1st of each month.  A $25.00 late fee may be charged if received after the 14th.